Can I use my Lazy Rhino on the water?

While the Lazy Rhino does float, It is NOT intended for that purpose. That being said, if you do get the Lazy Rhino wet, be sure to let it completely dry in the sun before putting it back in the bag.

**UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the Lazy Rhino to be used as a PFD (personal floatation device). Any adult or child should be able to swim and CHILDREN SHOULD ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED**

How do I inflate my Lazy Rhino?

Inflate Lazy Rhino just as you would any standard trash bag. Simply hold open one of the two pouches, jerk the bag in the direction the wind is blowing from (if any... you may have to run a bit to create your own wind), and close the pouch immediately after you've captured enough air. Repeat for the second pouch and roll up the end (about 4 rolls would be considered "full")!

Why only Australia & New Zealand?

We are working to expand to other markets, but covering our bums can be a slippery slope. Gotta make sure that we comply with all laws and tax codes in any given country (that's only AUS & NZ for the moment). Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on expansions!

What kind of surfaces can I use my Lazy Rhino on?

ANY! We don't recommend slippery slopes or sharp objects, but for the most part you can take this bad boy pretty much anywhere. Lazy Rhino does not play well with fire either.

How much weight can a Lazy Rhino support?

Let's just say you could easily manage 3 people sitting on one. We don't recommend any more... not that any more than 3 would even work anyway.

Is the Lazy Rhino suitable for children?

The Lazy Rhino is not a toy. Children should always be supervised when enjoying the product.

How do you clean the Lazy Rhino?

A rag and some warm water. Add a little soap to the mix for those extra dirty spots.

Can I sleep on it?

Knock yourself out! While we are not responsible if you roll out of the Lazy Rhino and actually knock yourself out, you could conceivably sleep on this comfortable cloud all night.

Will the Lazy Rhino deflate as I'm sitting on it?

It is normal for your Lazy Rhino to settle slightly with weight on it as the roll gets tighter. This effect however will be minimal.

What if it's windy?

Well, for starters that makes is very easy to inflate your Lazy Rhino. If you want to make sure it stays put though, try filling the carrying bag with sand and tie it to either end of the Lazy Rhino. No sand? NO PROBLEM! Just use rocks, a backpack, etc. to weight your Lazy Rhino down. You can also get pegs for sand and dirt (sold separately).

What side of the Lazy Rhino do I sit on?

While we recommend the deep side for optimal lounging, the shallow side could be good for an easier exit from the Lazy Rhino and a more upright position.