It's a Very Google Christmas

The holidays are upon us and while you would normally expect us to be writing about travelling to meet family or get away while you've got time off, we're here to talk about one of the hottest gifts this holiday season instead... the Google Home.

New toys!

New toys!

Google has done a major worldwide marketing pitch this year to get as many Google products into hands and homes as possible. Just to be clear, I'm not getting anything for writing this nor am I affiliated with Google. I just wanted to let y'all know how impressed I am with Google's offerings from the Google Home all the way down to the new Pixel 2... which I just bought and am loving btw!

First thing's first, the phone. I purchased the Pixel 2 XL on plan from Telstra in Australia. It comes with a free Google Home Mini, a shitty pair of headphones (just use your old ones or buy the fancy real-time translating Pixel Buds instead), plenty of free subscriptions, and one fantastic phone that exceeds all expectations in both design and functionality. It also renews this previously Apple fanboy's excitement in a new platform where Apple began to be uninnovative, buggy, and boring/relatively unchanged since it came out 10 years ago. The phone feels great, looks great, works beautifully, has what is widely regarded as the best camera on any currently available phone, and perhaps most importantly, is SUPER easy to switch to from an iPhone.

The real excitement here however lies in the Google Assistant. This IS the future people and it is here! It's no accident that the Home Mini comes bundled here because the goal is to make one assistant available to serve at your pleasure anywhere you go. Whether you're on the go asking your phone, talking to the assistant at home, or without either and getting all your cloud info from any browser, it will always be the same. You might think that many of the features seem trivial. Things like setting timers, reminders, shopping lists, ordering Ubers, playing music, and/or playing Netflix might be perfectly do-able without your voice, but they're sooo much more fun to ask the computer Star Trek style. Keep in mind also that if you don't buy this now, you'll be buying one in the future anyway whether you like it or not.

Every single google products looks sexy and like it belongs wherever you put it!

Anyway, enough of singing Google's praises, you should invest in the Google ecosystem now for several reasons. One, it's cheap. Google is trying to make sure they saturate the market and there are plenty of deals to be got. A Google Home Mini currently only costs about $50 with holiday discounts and the Pixel 2 XL outright starts around AUD $1,200 compared to the AUD $1,800+ iPhone X.

Google Home Mini and Cactus Marley

Google Home Mini and Cactus Marley

Second, for the first time in a while, I feel like my life is slightly more on autopilot with tools that actually make my things easier and not frustrating... looking at you APPLE (and I still have a MacBook and iPad too that both work fine with Google products)! On that note, Google has the most complete solution at the moment. Amazon doesn't have a phone or any of Google's staggering number of online services and Apple has yet to release a good version of Siri let alone a speaker that lets you talk to her.

Third and finally, the Home Mini is FUN! You can ask it to tell you jokes, and even play trivia just by asking. If one shows up under your tree come Christmas, it's guaranteed fun for Christmas morning for everyone. So don't delay! If you've been considering the Pixel 2 or the Home Mini, just do it. Treat yo'self!