A Photo Journey Through Australasia


While Australasia is technically only Oz, NZ, and the surrounding islands, we made sure to also include the rest of Asia in this photo journal. The regions are stunning each in their own way and are inextricably tied while remaining radically different cultures.

Asia tends to be a bit far down most people's travel lists (especially with many Americans). That's why we've culled this image collection from our own travels as well as reader submissions to bring you the best photography and convince you that it wouldn't hurt to move these destinations up your list.

We'd like to thank everyone who sent in snaps for this region and encourage everyone to submit photos for the rest of the world as we have two more photo journals coming up!



TIP: check out our Sydney to Fraser post for info on where to see many of these sites!


New Zealand


Southeast Asia





Do you think the photos show the differences in culture? Can you tell just by looking? Either way, hope you enjoyed this post as much as we (and our readers) enjoyed the destinations! Keep an eye on LR Guides for more info on these and many other trips!