Alternative Transport


You have to flexible when travelling. My Near Year's resolution I made last time I was in LA was to get out of the city once a month. I did pretty good for a while but it's harder when you don't have a car (in LA?!... I know right?!).

Los Angeles Union Station - The largest in the western US

Los Angeles Union Station - The largest in the western US

That being said, some friends and I had a plan to go to Palm Springs for a long weekend from the city of angels. Normally about a 2 hour drive from LA along the 10 (freeway for travellers). Yes, make sure you call it "the 10" or "the 101". We were set to leave LA when a lack of rental car put a spanner in the works.

Not to be deterred as we had already bought tickets for a soundbath (check out the answer to your "wtf is that?" question right here), we we're set on making the trip. We settled on the train and let me tell you, there are indeed decent trains in the US. Contrary to popular belief.

TIP: You can BYO on the train (and/or the bus)... so prepare ahead of time! 🍷🍻 

So we Uber down to Union Station and catch a train booked through Amtrak on the phone. We took that to Fullerton and then a bus to PS since the direct train (Amtrak's Sunset Limited line) only runs 3 days/week.

Amtrak Schedule

All said and done, it still only took about 3 hours! So 3 bottles of wine and one more Uber later, we arrived at The Rad Pad happy, not stressed, and ready for more drinks in the pool with mimosas to follow in the AM.

Moral of the story? Be flexible in your travel plans and always have a plan B. It might not be exactly what you'd expected, but you could end up with an adventure and plenty of great sites along the way.