Why Volaris Will Never Get Our Business Again


Volaris Airbus on the Tarmac... which also happens to be where they park because they don't pay for jetways in Cancun.

Mexico's budget airline is miles behind others in its class such as Jetstar in AUS, several of China's budget airlines, and Southwest in the US. After booking two cheap flights (chiefly because 1 free bag is included), we were greeted with the rude awakening of getting what you pay for. Horrendous customer service, shady booking practices, no legroom, dirty planes, flight attendants with attitude, and questionable pilots. Where to begin...

Having flown thousands of miles over the years, all of us at Lazy Rhino are accustomed to the occasional/unavoidablebad service. Volaris however takes the proverbial cake. The first misstep we encountered was right from the get go in the booking system. They try to "offer" you a second bag (that they add on to the reservation by default) on top of the already free first bag for an additional $30. If you don't catch it, good luck getting any money back as Volaris customer service has a "politic" of no refunds even if that extra bag was never even at the airport... a fact that would easily be verified by seeing the extra bag tag was never scanned.

They also seem to take up a position of passing off customer service to other departments as we called the call center's Mexican number only to have them tell us to contact them in writing. Upon doing so they tried to send us back to the call center and even gave us a US number (since we needed English assistance it would seem) that was not in service. When the written response produced no results, we were told to contact the feedback department to tell them about our experience. It was at this point we had had enough and felt we should tell all of our readers about our experience instead. 

After that, the hits just keep coming. Dirty undersized/broken trays. No legroom at all even for a 178 cm tall (5' 9") person sitting next to us. A VERY hard landing in Puerto Vallarta with abrupt manuevers. And at one point, also in Puerto Vallarta, a sudden slam on the brakes hard enough to send everyone head first into their dirty tray tables.

To top it all off the flight attendants on our flight from Guadalajara to Cancun ignored us and never brought the water we asked for even when they were walking by with the drink cart.

Is this assessment of Volaris' business harsh? Not likely from what we've heard, and also not from our personal experiences with them and other carriers.

Interjet: Lazy Rhino and Jet Rhino's Mexican Airline Recommendation

If we were to recommend a Mexican airline for your travels (which would also be the airline Jet Rhino would strive to book any clients with), Interjet's legroom was fantastic, drinks were good, flight attendants were polite, and we never had a reason to deal with customer service so our rating for them is a solid A+. 

Had bad experiences yourself? Sound off in the comments to let us know your horror stories. Maybe together we can raise the bar for air service.